About Us


Here at Binta’s Kitchen we recognise that people want honest, flavourful food with new and exciting flavours. Our journey starts in northern Nigeria, where Binta our chief culinarian grew up and where food is at the heart of everything. She refined recipes that have been passed down through generations, creating a range of sauces with authentic flavours and sublime infusions. Taking a unique twist on the humble pasta sauce, these artisan sauces have bold tastes, with natural ingredients. We manufacture northern Nigerian sauces, superfood powders and share recipes.


We believe in promoting togetherness and culture through the meals that you share in your everyday life and the healing power of our natural and healthy sauces and the superfood powders that we market. We are confident that organic Nigerian foods will enhance the shared experience of home cooked meals you share in the company of family and friends. We also believe in the power of giving. This is why we are committed to share freely some of our best Nigerian recipes, hopeful that you make us a part of your kitchen, home-cooking and your family.


  • Health

  • Kindness

  • Wellness

  • Authenticity

  • Creativity

  • Sustainability


Our mission is to serve and share Nigerian foods and recipes with you and impart peace, joy, wellness and togetherness from our family to yours.


We have made a promise that every area of our supply chain meets our sustainability standards. This falls into three main areas:


We want a business that all our employees and you can be proud of. This means making sure that we stick to our sustainability commitments, that every part of our business is meeting internationally recognised sustainability standards and that we’re working to reduce energy, water and waste along our supply chain.


Our range of sauces, super foods and spices are made with fresh fruit and vegetables sourced directly from farms. We ensure that our partners in Katsina, Nigeria pay a fair living wage to our farmers there. We also incorporate wonky fruit and vegetables from the UK that would otherwise be wasted. At Binta’s Kitchen what matters to us is making the best tasting products with all natural ingredients in the most sustainable way.


Our packaging is 100% reusable and take up 95% less space in landfill than rigid packaging. They can also come in handy for storing nuts, seeds, lime slices, hair bands, cables, and anything else you can think of…

If you have any other questions, or ideas about how we can improve our sustainability, please drop us a line at hello@bintaskitchen.com